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How A Heart Falls Again


It starts with a spark. No timetable to tell us how we fall again. We can only try for so long to try to make ourselves fit into a mold that isn’t us. It’s like wearing a pair of shoes which are a little too tight, a little too small, and they kill us. We love them, but nothing is more powerful when that feeling of happiness and euphoria when those beasts come off. We get to embrace ourselves again, take about our real form and identity. When we fall again, we find the perfect pair of shoes. From the first moment, they cocoon our toes, cushion in all the right places, and remind us of the beautiful days we once knew.


It hits when we least expect it to. Something our heart is ready to move on before we know it, because our soul knows. Maybe it’s the way the Greeks claim- we, in fact, are two parts of a whole- split down the middle and forced to spend our lives looking for our other half. We meet different people throughout our lives. Maybe one aspect of them fits into our life and being, but our gut tells us it’s not forever. Perhaps we choose to be selfish and pick someone for a temporary placeholder. For the sake of not being alone or because we’re scared of ending up alone. No matter the reasons, I do believe our hearts know when it’s the real love. The one that makes us believe in those fairy tales we grew up hearing and seeing. But what no one seems to realize is love is work, relationships are work, being with another person is work. Things don’t just magically happen, just as things don’t just happen to fall apart. It takes sacrifice, compromise, and mutual trust.


When we fall again, sometimes all the logic falls to the wayside and we wanna give it a shot again. We fall because our hearts skip a beat. We fall because we get those amazing butterflies. We fall because our palms get sweaty. We fall because we lose our breath at the first kiss. We fall because it’s our nature.


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