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Romance Does Exist Still

I guess with it being a month after an picture perfect birthday I should express my appreciation.

IMG_1080Every girl dreams of it; the guy who goes above and beyond. The epitome of what we define as romantic, an unexpected perfectly time surprise. For me personally, I don’t need you to shower me in material things (obviously it’s nice) but the gesture and your action shows me more than the goods. Making a girl feel special, beautiful, unique, loved, and adored, that’s what makes us willing to move heaven and earth for you.

Romance isn’t dead, I know I’m a clique for saying it, but it really takes the right person. A person can go through the motions and do what they’re asked of, but what really shows the romance is the effort. The thought which has gone into the gestures. I mean the amount of work and detail which was put in for my birthday… astounding. But I’m getting ahead of myself. Allow me to set the scene for quite possibly the best night ever.

I figured I wouldn’t be seeing Ooki until the weekend since he works late Tuesdays out of the city and doesn’t get home until late. I wrote it off as an acceptance of a delayed celebration. Throughout the day he texted me and kept in touch, an unusual thing, but I was alright with it (okay I adored it)! So on my way to dinner he texts me and says to have a blast even though he wouldn’t be there. I had to admit that was pretty cute.


So we get to Sampan, where my co-workers have already been since I had to run home… but again, I digress. We sit down and I take a seat at the head of the table. Here we go, all the set up leads to this….


As I’m waiting for the waiter to come around, someone touches my back and I look over. I’m not sure what emotions run through me, but I’m pretty sure shock and awe are the first two. He’s there! In the flesh and person! My heart! I think the first few minutes were a total dream and blur, my mind not processing the fact that he went out of his way to show up and make my birthday.

After he went around to say hi and introduce himself, he came back to me and I felt like a princess on cloud nine. He told me the hardest part of surprising me was getting the rose, a beautiful yellow rose (my favorite) and being able to actually surprise me. Dinner went out without too much excitement, but it was a lovely time! He fit in really well with everyone and made me shine as well.


For dessert, our server came out with two little ice cream cones, cute, but I had no idea what to make of them. And then, apparently ooki got cupcakes from a bakery up near where he works that won cupcake wars so they were brought out for dessert. He even got a cupcake for the pup to make amends for always stealing me away!

So to say, romance is dead, well maybe it’s possible you haven’t met the right guy because I’m telling you from literal experience, if he’s into you, he’ll make it happen. So so so happen and deliver more than you thought.


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