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How I’ve Changed and Embraced The Best Decision I Ever Made; Adopting Bodie

In celebrating probably one of the greatest anniversaries ever, I give credit to the little furry bastard who stole my heart, Bodie. A year ago, my life changed forever. I adopted the cutest and quite possibly the worst puppy ever. Mind you, I love him more than anything, but holy shit, Bodie was not and is not an easy puppy/dog. I look back on the last year with him and truly I don’t have a single regret getting him. He’s taught me so much, but above all he’s really helped me to grow up and fully embrace what it means to be an adult.

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My life now revolves around a furry, four legged creature. He without trying dictates my social life, how late I can stay out, the company I keep. On the bad days, I wanna hang a sign on his neck that says “free poorly-behaved dog” but I swear when he’s good, nothing beats that feeling in the world. And the way he wags his tail when I come home. All the bad can be turned good and perfect when he looks at me and cocks his head.


I don’t regret a moment with him, for instance, like now, as I write Bodie is sitting next to me chewing on a horn. I’ve begun to see that while Bodie gives me the brush off at the park and when he’s with his friends, his life is fully entwined with me. There is no one else splitting the work; he fully relies on me to feed him, take him out, love him, and play with him. Had I understood how much work a puppy could be, I might not have gotten him, but who am I kidding? I saw him and I fell in love. My life is 1000% better and happier, even though I don’t get to make the rule anymore. The people I’ve become friends with and the people I’ve met, all because of a common link, has kept me grounded through some of the darkest days.

There are definitely days when it feels like having Bodie is truly a full-time job and can be stressful. But the good usually outweighs the bad. Would I be who I am today if I didn’t have Bod? Probably not, but I’m happy with who I’ve become since adopting him. Not only did his life change the day I took him home, mine did too, and it’s been quite a journey.


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