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A Year Later, How My Life Has Changed

A year ago I had just turned 24 (duh) and was working my first post-college job. I was loving life in Florida, even with working 6 days a week.

I thought I knew what I was working towards. I thought I had a grasp on adulthood- boy was I wrong. I wish I had so many lessons prior to entering the real world. I wish I learned some of these very crucial lessons before being brought down to my knees. But that’s what experience is- the best and worst teacher – because the lesson is taught after.



I had no idea how to walk away- from a lot. But I learned. I had no idea of how to keep my work life from bleeding into my personal life, especially when I lived where I worked. My life changed so much from June until December. I finally felt like I shed my college past and started to write the new chapter.

A little more cynical and jaded. A little colder and harder. Life is funny, it has a way of changing us before we can see what is happening. But by then we can’t go back and rewrite the past. All we can do is make our story better. I feel I’ve grown up, even if there are days I definitely feel like I’m a faking fraud. A year ago, I lost sight of who I was to begin with and how to be the person I wanted to be. I never thought I’d forget how to be the strong passionate person my parents taught me to be, but upon further reflection, I saw a hollow shell of my former self.


For the second part of 2015 I worked to find myself and my passion again. It took going halfway around the world to bring back the flame to my soul. It took a long time to see I can always start over. Quitting for the first time was empowering, but what really hit home was how I finally could take back control in my life.


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