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How a Heart Explodes

In a final blow out. In the heat of a moment. In the bitter words spewed. Nothing is held back. That’s when the heart explodes.

It’s in a flash. Nothing but chaos remains. A forever frayed and decimated love sits at their feet. Nothing can be salvaged.

The final heated blows. Nothing was scared. In a hailstorm, all the angry and spiteful words came spewing out. Rationale begs, ‘Don’t. Keep those words to yourself. When you say they, you are sealing the end.’ Emotional rages back, ‘Doesn’t matter. I kept it in. I kept the peace. I want to see them break as I broke.’

For once emotion takes control. Everything, the hurt, pain, disappointment, anger, and spite comes out in biting words. The color drains from their face. The first words, hitting their intended target. To watch a loved one shatter before you is a sight. Emotions flash through their eyes. The heart feels triumph followed by guilt and regret. But it justifies the action.

A heart which has exploded has nothing else to lose. It’s lost all, all the love, trust, companionship, respect, and connection. Nothing remains. A hole sits where the heart used to live. A gaping, open wound, chalk full of memories of better and happier days.


The heart explodes when nothing else can be done. The final straw that breaks the heart. The one which is unforgettable and unforgivable. A heart explodes when there is nothing left.


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