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It Starts Again…. (part 5)

Mixed signals are the hardest to decipher. What is the other person thinking? What are their intentions, wants, hopes, and/or thoughts?

After a night out and a restful slumber, we took to Sabrina’s around noon after taking the pup out for a quick play session. Following brunch, we sat and watching some young college students enjoy the throes of no responsibilities and play quidditch, before opting to go back to my place for a post-brunch nap. 


It’s true, this image, sums up how I’ve been feeling with him. I absolutely love our time together, but it seems that it’s always much too short to really make me as happy as I feel in the moment. I want to soak him in every way and shape. The desire hasn’t subsided. The wanting hasn’t lessened. In fact the drive keep increasing, until he does something stupid and I get all mad at him again… (which happens more than you might think) but it only takes a kiss and his hand in mine to make it all okay again.. funny how that happens.

Then a long and bumpy week, for us both, of not seeing each other, slightly (okay more than slightly) hurt feelings on my part and some cranky attitude, we finally were able to uncover the lack of cohesion we’d been having all week. Unfortunately we didn’t see each other during the week of Thanksgiving, but we did make plans once we both were back in the city.


It was funny, we had half of a “define the relationship” conversation and then it was once again left alone. Little did he realize, the following day I deleted my dating app and ended it with the other guy. He slept over Tuesday night and stayed later, after I had to go to work, felt easy and nice. But he left his umbrella at my place. Fast forward, to yesterday, he met me after lunch and we went to stroll around the city after I finished my lunch, but the whole afternoon I was left confused about everything. I couldn’t get a handle on what he was thinking and if he was looking to end it or if he wasn’t interested anymore. By nature, I overthought for the better part of the afternoon because I couldn’t understand why he was so seemingly different.

New relationships are tough, trying to learn to read a new person, impossible. When did it become accepted to play it cool and care less? When did we stop acting like folks of a civilized nature and to woo each other? Where did our passionate, furious, breathless adoration go? Why do people just not care anymore?


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