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Travel to LA

After months of contemplating a trip to the West Coast, I finally sucked it up and booked it. $200 round trip, hard to pass up on the opportunity.

I can’t begin to express how  excited I am to see these college friends since we’ve had amazing adventures together from our time abroad. We studied abroad in Dublin and London for ten weeks and what an experience it was. I have no regrets except it ended far too quickly for my liking.


Steph and Kelly, or Kelphanie, as they’re affectionately known as, both studied with me at Drexel. Since graduating, they’ve up and left me for the West Coast, but I’m about to see what the fuss is all about in a few weeks (1o days actually)…


We have a long list of places to see and things to do, so I’m ready to take on the tourist life! A few of our goals include; going to bars and making sure we don’t pay for our drinks, hiking some trails, Walk of Fame, Nobu (nomz), watching a taping of a live show, and more!


Here goes nothing, except an amazing time with the best friends! ❤


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