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Advice for dating a modern gentleman


It’s so easy to get wrapped up in the whirlwind of an emerging and new romance. We tend to overlook the red flags. We jump right in. We don’t take the time to think about how they can make our life more difficult rather than making our life more fun and enjoyable.

A few tips from an unbiased stand point when starting something new (yes yes, I should take my own advice!)

Watch his habits.

See his actions.

Let those speak louder than his words.

Wait for the follow through (or see he’s not going to follow-through).

Follow his lead and see how he acts with no guidance from you. 

  • will he text or call you first?
  • how does he act around your friends/his friends?
  • does he respect you?
  • what is his behavior most of the time?

Pick up on his social cues, his non-verbal cues, and verbal cues

  • how he acts around others is telling
    • Does he put on a show?
    • Is he always this charming and sweet?
    • Is he only thoughtful when there are eyes on him?
  • the way he focuses on you or other people
  • his body language is a big indicator
  • does he speak as if you’re not there or is he proud to speak about you?

See how he is with timely responses. In this day and age with social media, keeping in contact shouldn’t be impossible. 

  • In regards to a lack of communication, keep in mind what he says and see how his actions back it up.
    • If he says he’s away from his phone a lot, take him at his word BUT see how he is when he’s with you.
      • Is he always on the phone? If he is, then think about ending it.
      • Is he focused on you and doesn’t check his phone? He’s most likely just more of a single tracked guy and is truly not always on his phone.
    • If he’s slow to respond, think about his job and maybe why he’s not quick to respond. Like I tell myself, give him the benefit of the doubt until there’s reason think otherwise.

And most importantly, how does he treat you and make you feel?


Above all, make sure he respects your wishes. If he doesn’t respect you or treat you how you want to be treated, walk away. Don’t lower your own standards because you’re afraid of being alone. Does he give you butterflies? Does he make you laugh more than cry? Does he seem to care? Go with your gut because usually it’s right about the wrong person.


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