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The First of First Dates… Philly Edition

So I admit it, I totally don’t remember this guy’s name… at all. I literally have been sitting here trying to remember, but I only remember how I wondered what kind of people raised him???

We matched on Bumble and started talking. Nothing too crazy, but I couldn’t help but feel he was a disingenuous player type. Not something I was remotely looking for. We spent the afternoon chatting on bumble and finally agreed to meet up after work at the park near my house while I let my dog out.

What’s his name showed up on time, and we immediately introduced ourselves. Bodie could care less about him and went off to go play, so naturally my attention went to keep an eye on the pup.  Right away, I wasn’t feeling this guy. He was too pushy and very aggressive in a poor reflection of himself. Whether or not it was conscious, I felt myself keeping a distance from him and wasn’t really interested in anything about him.

As luck would have it, he couldn’t hide his less than savory characteristics and they came out full fledged in a few moments. The first, I guess we had each other’s phone numbers and after we parted ways, he asked me a few questions he didn’t ask in person.

One essentially was: Are you hosting your own version of the bachelorette?

To which I responded: Sure I guess, why not.

His response was: That’s cool. I don’t really want to vie for your attention. Good luck.

And with the close of the convo, I thought I was rid of him… but apparently not!

The following morning, I was sent a text about how he had other motives (no shit, really). He talked openly about how he was checking me out and that I had a great body. The entire conversation left me feeling like I needed to shower for a few days and boil my skin. Do guys really think that blatantly objectifying a woman to her face will get him laid?  (Here’s a shocker; it won’t).

He mentioned was frustrated because some other girl had lead him on for months and blah blah blah. Am I supposed to feel sympathetic to you? (I don’t).  Now look here dude… don’t come to me with this “sob story” of blue balls, it’s not my issue. If you’re really desperate, use your fucking hand. It’s things like that, a guy trying to make me feel obligated to sexual favors. No. I don’t owe you a damn thing in this world, we were literal strangers yesterday and guess what, we are. Don’t act like you’re some prize, you’re not, you’re really just a trashy human who doesn’t know how to respect women.

So it’s safe to say, that ended with less than a fizzle… onto the next one!


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