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The Third of First Dates… Philly Edition

As it seems, there is always an expiration date for relationship that starts wheezing from the start. Peter and I met for a third date. Our conversations were easy and flowed. The thing is, he was a perfectly lovely and nice guy. On paper, he should be the one who was worth my time and made me have butterflies and the sweet words spoken should have been worthy of doodles on my planners, but no. It just wasn’t there.

We decided to meet for lunch and to head to Reading Terminal for supposedly the “best sandwich in the country.” Not gonna lie, it was good, but not “best sandwich” title worthy. But I digress…

On our walk back to my office we started to talk about what we thought we wanted and were looking for. He seemed to have a definite idea, but I couldn’t help but need to let him down easy. Not only was I not interested, it didn’t seem like he was interested enough in me, to even make a move…

I told him I was enjoying the single life, and dating a few people at the same time. I didn’t (and still don’t) think  I needed to justify what I wanted out of my own love life. As a young woman, I’m entitled to my own desires and wants. I think a few of the reasons it didn’t work stem from him not manning up; I’m not asking for you to make a move date one, but at least show you’re interested and not trying to lose my interest. Yea, I’ll make a move or two, but it’s your job to bring it all together. Once the first move is made, I’m okay being the aggressor, but until then I’ll wait it out or get bored.

^ Case in point, I got bored. Plus another aspect, someone else had already caught my attention and was worth my time. So I (maybe or maybe not foolishly) said if it doesn’t end up working out, I’ll at least be his friend… apparently that’s not the answer he was looking for.

So with a hug, it’s over.


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