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The Second of First Dates… Philly Edition

I guess this second date doesn’t really count as a full date, but we still spent time together so I feel it’s appropriate to write about. Peter and I met up after he had finished studying and I came to meet him with the pup. 

We chose to walk around the city, for two reasons; it was a lovely (albeit chilly) evening and the pup needed a walk. This date, for me anyway, had a few end goals. I wanted to know what he was looking for, I wanted to see if there were sparks or if it was just the initial static that caught my eyes. I wanted to know if this was someone I could date. All these little tests I run through, I want to be picky. I don’t want to waste my time with someone who’s going to not understand my life. Also, I wanted to make sure I was going to potentially enter a relationship with someone who would be my equal in most aspects of my life. Already from the previous date, I saw a few flags and wanted to see how they would play out. For example, as a grown adult, I have a car and I’ve had my car up here since 2010, and of all my exes, only one didn’t drive/have a car in the city. Which normally isn’t a problem… when you’re in college. But sometimes driving is required and I feel it’s in the best interest of the person without the car to at least offer to pay for gas. Maybe even they could offer to pay for a zipcar or rent a car so they can pull their weight, but I digress…

Peter and I had a lovely repartee together, but I wasn’t really feeling it. He seemed like a perfectly sweet and kind guy, but the sparks we had our first night didn’t come into play the second night. I had dropped hints for the green light, but it seemed more and more, he was the more passive and omega personality. Not something I wanted in my life. Like I said, he’s the kind of guy you’d love to bring home to mom and dad, but I don’t want that. I want the passion, laughter, and comfort. Plus being a bad-ass alpha never hurts either. 

The night ended with an awkward hug and goodbye, before he added, he moves like a “glacier” so very slowly, but I was welcome to make the first move. Yea, no. Thanks for playing. 

But here I was again, being selfish and giving this guy a chance, why? Because HE IS THE GUY YOU BRING HOME TO MOM AND DAD. He’s the one every girl is looking for…


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