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It Starts Again… (Part 3)


I guess it’s only human nature for us to feel constant turmoil and confusion when starting to see a new person; what is it about me that they like? What do I like about them? What’s their potential? What’s my potential? Do I see any red flags yet? What are the deal breakers? Can I talk candidly and honestly with them? Do they respect me? What do they want? Hell, what do I want? What’s too much contact? What’s not enough? The lines are shaky and there is no guide to how we do this…

But fear not, this tale has positivity in it! We made plans for lunch the following day. Man were my nerves beyond shot. Already running on little sleep and plenty of nervous energy, I was a bit of a wreck before lunch. 

He met me at my office at noon, right on time, for once I was the late one! We went to this new trendy grilled cheese place, ironically a place I’d gone to with my ex when it used to be a restaurant… but man oh man it was yummy. We enjoyed our lunch and imagined the lives of the strangers we saw passing us on the street. With a little time left to kill, we decided to get some coffee before heading back to the office. (Mind you, my third cup of coffee for the day after my usual cup, and one a co-worker brought me).

He had an umbrella, and so kindly held it over me to prevent me from getting too wet. Then we headed back to the office where we sort of awkwardly stood at the lobby and I wasn’t sure what the proper etiquette would be; kiss him or not? Well he made it easy by leaning down and kissing me very sweetly.

Mm, that was a very memorable moment.

It doesn’t take much to be a gentleman, but here we are, a grown ass adult man who knows how to behavior properly.


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