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The First of First Dates… Philly Edition

The dating scene is definitely new and intimidating, but I like to think we all have to start somewhere (if we opt for this path.) Let me regale you a tale…

After a bust of a date in DC, I figured I’d give Philly a shot once again. Because why not? I live here, I play here, why not look for someone here?

I matched with a few people. And of course, at this point I can’t remember all their names, but the one date I did set up was with a guy we’ll call Peter for his own privacy. He was quite endearing from the start with his hesitation to using a dating app, and not being such a pro on it. Granted I hadn’t been on Bumble for very long but had matched with enough guys (mostly out of boredom at the office) to have the flirty game down. But going back to Peter…

We had tentatively made a date for coffee in Center City but eventually had changed it to later in the week since I had had a shitty week and wasn’t in the mood to be social. Of course, being a decent human, I wanted to extend to him the courtesy of being in a better mood for our first meeting. 


Fast forward to a few days later, we agreed to meet at a local bar in West Philadelphia since we both reside in University City. I was running late, but got there before him. Upon our first introduction, I liked him. I was charmed by his look and his genuine smile. Right away though, I didn’t feel the same spark I had felt with my  first date. I felt that Peter could be the person some girl would marry and be so so happy, but he wasn’t my person. But he seemed very sweet and there was a spark. We had a perfectly lovely dinner together and I enjoyed the conversation. I enjoyed the company. As the hours passed, I felt the connection. His smile started to warm me up, his eyes locked to mine, but still, how funny is it to think I was comparing him to two other dates, and I just felt it wasn’t for me. 

I guess I decided to be selfish and see if maybe it was just the first date that wasn’t right. Maybe our pieces would fit together, I just needed to see him again and in a different setting. 


Can love happen that quickly?


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