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It Starts Again…. (part 2)

It’s amazing how quickly we can find a spark that carries us farther than we thought possible. A spark which can turn into a flame, as long as you have the patience to fuel that flame because it fights every damn time to turn into a slow burning ember..

‘The date ended uneventfully. I was left wondering and in a state of confusion, but knew it wasn’t to be overthought. I had a second first date lined up in a different city, so why stress over this first guy.

But low and behold, a second date was made. Again, in the waiting, I had intense anxiety and worry I was going to be stood up after all this time. I freaked out to a friend, and luckily she laughed and helped me to chill. He did indeed show up after all and our night was beautiful.

After our little dive bar, we decided to hit another bar, because why the hell not? We’re young and one night of fun is well worth the punishment of tomorrow. So we went to a speak-easy type. There we had another round and chatted before deciding we wanted to get down to the secret bar behind the bookcase. Well we indeed got to go downstairs and had another round. We once again, talked until the bar closed and took a lovely walk to Rittenhouse again. This time we parked our butts on a bench and sat down to enjoy the silence of the city. With some subtle and smooth moves, he put his arm around me and moved oh so slightly closer. We’re talking and then we’re having an oh so lovely first kiss. It felt perfect. Not rushed or overly eager, just right. We figured we would kill some time while I was waiting for my uber. The making out did not go on for nearly long enough.’

I felt sparks. I felt a rush. I felt passion. I felt alive. I feel alive. I get nervous talking to him. I get a smile which won’t go away, but I don’t want it to.  Life should be full of the anticipation for something great to come. There should always be a feeling of some sort of butterflies, otherwise life is much too wasted. 


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