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Hind Sight is 20/20. What I’d Tell 18-Year Old Me

As I get older, it’s starting to make sense. All the advice that a parent gives to their children. I look back on everything I’ve been through and if I could go back to being 18 here’s what I’d say to myself.

  1. Don’t pick the school for the wrong reasons. Your parents love you, they’ll support your decision to go to a different school. If they don’t, work harder than before and pay off your school
  2. Don’t fall for the guy who’s going to break your heart over and over. Be smart and think about how you’ll feel at the end of it. Will you have to rebuild everything? Is that what’s best for you?
  3. Think about those you surround yourself with. Your friends should challenge you and make you smarter. Pick friends who will make you be a better person.
  4. Be brave. Make crazy mistakes and deal with the fallout because those choices and decisions are sometime the best ones we make.
  5. Stick to your guns. Don’t follow any path, if you want to make your own path, do it.
  6. Save. Save your money. Save your mind. Save yourself. Don’t pilfer your days away.
  7. As cliched as it sounds, never regret any choice you make. You wanted it and you’ll have to deal with what comes after that.
  8. Value your friendships. Values your time spent with your elementary, middle, high school friends. Cherish those memories, and once you’re an adult work hard to make sure your friends know you love them. Enjoy your college friends. Remember they won’t always live right down the hall and at that point, the friendship has to be nurtured.
  9. Spend time with your parents. There comes a point, without you realizing it, when you’re no longer embarrassed to be with your parents. Once that happens, soak it all up.
  10. Travel. Don’t have a plan. Have a plan. Do whatever suites your fancy. But go see the world, go with friends, go by yourself. You’ll surprise yourself when you have to get out there by yourself and make it work. You’ll make friends and memories.

The list can continue but for now, upon reflection of the new year and how I want to become a person my kids are proud of, I want there to be no regrets.


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