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Hoi An to Hue…. what a trip

On our last day in Hoi An we actually got to meet up with Amanda (from Nha Trang) since she arrived in right as we were leaving, so we had a quick lunch together before we headed to Hue (Whe-y).

We took a very shady bus, but met a lovely Englishwoman, who’s traveling around Asia before headed to Australia to be an Au Pair for 6 months.

We hit tons of traffic due to construction, were stuck in a tunnel for a long time- about 45 minutes, at a dead stand still. Then our bus couldn’t get out of first gear, so we were literally crawling down the road for the better part of an hour. Finally we stopped when it sounded like our bus was one foot in a grave. A few locals came and helped to repair our bus.

30 minutes later we were back on track and able to go faster than first gear. We were only about 25 km away from Hue so we did indeed make it to the city by 6 pm (the estimated time, even though it’s only about 120 km away). With all of our stops, the guess was quite accurate.

But once we got to Hue, we made it to our hotel and settled in. Thank goodness!


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