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Cham Island

Today we ventured to Cham Island, about an hour away by boat. There is no power grid there, so everyone runs all electronics off generators and the main diet of the locals is fresh seafood- scallops, squid, crabs, etc.

Fresh Seafood (PC; NJES)
Fresh Seafood (PC; NJES)

After we saw the local market part of the group split go to the beach while a few of us chose to go the the ancient pagoda that was very close by. Our guide told us that this pagoda was unique since three religious where worshipped here; buddhism, taoism, and confucianism.

Following our trip to the pagoda we met some lovely little baby calves, which I had to pet! One even gave me a kiss, very much in love with those babies!

Some of the people on the tour decided to go snorkel, but I of course opted for the beach, a lovely afternoon on an island, enjoying the sun and shade.

After the group returned from their snorkel session, we were provided a fresh seafood lunch with; prawns, squid, fish, pork, greens, noodles, rice, and for dessert we were served coconut dumplings, wrapped in banana leaves.

Overall, a lovely day at the beach and on an island.

I also mused a lot about life on the boat ride back, which I’ll go into deeper in my next post. Enjoy some pictures of Cham Island~

Cham Island (PC; NJES)
Cham Island (PC; NJES)
Crystal Clear Water (PC; NJES)
Crystal Clear Water (PC; NJES)



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