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Hoi An; Shopper’s Paradise; World Heritage Sites; and More

We arrived to Hoi An at 7 am this morning and were brought to our hotel Nhi Trung Hotel, located a short walk from the main strip of the city/town.

IMG_6231On our first day we got fitted for some dresses and a blazer, very classy although a bit pricey.

After the initial measuring, mom and I ventured back into the city to explore. We picked up some more of the homemade cards that pop up, along with visiting the covered Japanese bridge before continuing to the other side of the village. I picked up a pair of chang (elephant) shorts which make me look a big bottom heavy!

We found a lovely western café named Cargo, also owned by the woman who opened Morning Glory were we went for dinner later in the evening. I ordered a delicious Passion Fruit Juice while mom got an Iced Chocolate, both wonderful choices in the blazing heat.

Later we dined at Morning Glory, the newest of restaurants owned and operated by Mrs. Vy.

**pictures to follow, can’t update**

Once dinner was finished we left and walked around town a little more before calling it a night


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