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College Reunion; Calhoun 5th Floor

Circa 2009, when were were all wee freshmen, a bunch of crazy, bright-eyed, and happy kids, we moved into the greatest dorm at Drexel University. Freshman year was by far the most fun, wild, exciting, new, and amazing year of college. Everything was new, a whole city to explore, the world; our oyster. Friendships began, memories made, and I wouldn’t give anything back because I loved every minute of it.


FAST FORWARD; 2015, 6 years later, degrees on degrees on degrees, friends relocated around the world, all of us in the real world (some more than others), and still a mini reunion emerged from the wood works.


As you know, I’ve been traveling in SE Asia with my mom for a belated graduation present. We’ve always wanted to come to Vietnam, so we booked a flight and decided to fly by the seat of our pants!

Saigon Market (PC; NJES)
Saigon Market (PC; NJES)

Since arriving here, I’ve been in touch with a good friend, Nhat who I knew and met through my freshman year bestie, Tom.

We all went out to dinner Sunday night to a lovely place in District 1 of the city, where many tourists go to visit. It’s similar to Champs-Élysées in Paris with the fancy shops and boutiques.

Nhat and I (PC; NJES)
Nhat and I (PC; NJES)

It was great seeing an old college friend again, and maybe next time it’ll be with more of us!


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