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Cu Chi Tunnels

Today we ventured out of the city to the Cu Chi Tunnels, about an hour and a half outside of Ho Chi Minh City. I personally did not venture through the tunnels since I find enclosed spaces to be quite claustrophobic and didn’t want to lose my cool. But some of the most interesting parts of the tour were above ground. Learning about the sniper holes; where the Viet Cong would have smaller individuals run through the elaborate network of tunnels and attack the American GI’s before ducking into the tunnels again and attack from behind. I got to pop into one of the sniper tunnels, and talk about small.

Sniper Hole (PC; NJES)
Sniper Hole (PC; NJES)

After we finished getting into the hole, we went and saw an American tank that had been decommissioned and was able to be used by visitors to explore on.

Then “John Wayne” our guide, took us to the shooting range; while I would’ve loved to have shot a sniper rifle, it was too expensive and the wait time would have been too long. Plus the noise from the recoil was enough to rattle your teeth. But hearing the shots throughout the site made for a more authentic and eerie feeling of bringing history to life.

Following the shooting range, we finally ventured to the tunnels. John Wayne told us that the construction we saw was not present during the war. Since I didn’t go down, I followed above ground and saw the different sites; kitchen, mixing room, and eating room.

While I was waiting, I met a very nice Irish guy with a broken arm from falling off a motorbike about a week about in Hue (pronounced “Whe”). He and his brother are on a 5 month trip around Asia; Japan, China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand, and ending in California. After we finished at the tunnels, we got back on the bus to return home.

Prior to leaving, our tour guide, John Wayne asked if we wanted to try traditional Vietnamese food; a shrimp and pork pancake, so we opted yes. It was served to us at our embarking point; Kim’s Cafe. It was delicious meal shared with new friends; Shane, Cian, and Valoree.

Mom, Me, Shane, Cian, and Valoree (PC; NJES)
Mom, Me, Shane, Cian, and Valoree (PC; NJES)

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