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Friday; August 7th

So today we explored Bangkok some more, and hit our old stomping grounds! We took the water taxi around to the Museum Siam where we picked up a watch for mom and dad each. Mom got one with a bunch of little “Changs” (elephants) which are adorable!

After that we took to the Mandarin Oriental; once the #1 hotel in the world, and it’s charm and beauty is still there. And we had to….take a selfie in the mirror because 3 years ago we did the same thing. It’s a tradition!

Mom and me (PC: NJES)
Mom and me (PC: NJES)

After that we went off to Jim Thompson’s, a staple of our trip! I ended up getting a tee-shirt, a make up bag, and of course some little notes!

We met Uncle Bill again and had lunch at a wonderful little place called Harmonique; granted I lost all feeling in my mouth due to the spice, but it was a wonderful lunch besides that!

Thai Basil Chicken; with some spicyyyyyyyy chilis (PC: NJES)
Thai Basil Chicken; with some spicyyyyyyyy chilis (PC: NJES)
Harmonique (PC; NJES)

After that we took the water taxi back to our local area, Rambuttri Village and took the rest of the evening easy since we had an early wake up at 4 am for a 7:45 flight out of Don Mueang on Asia Air.

But leave it to that night there being, what sounded like a marching band, to perform right down the street from our hotel keeping us up for many hours. Eventually we fell asleep, but on the positive note; we had napped earlier in the day so we survived with less sleep than most nights.


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