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In with…. Jetlag, shocking I know!

Well after almost 24 hours of travel, we made it to our hotel, Wild Orchid Villa, located in Rambuttri Village near Khao San Road, a big shopping street.

Wild Orchid Villa; Lobby (PC: NJES)
Wild Orchid Villa; Lobby (PC: NJES)

Unfortunately for me, I had been feeling pretty awful from our flight from Tokyo to Bangkok and had decided that an early death was upon me. We went to my favorite restaurant in Thailand, and I knew I definitely wasn’t myself, I had no desire to feast upon my favorite meal…woe. I was in trouble. What a waste, to travel this far, and miss out on my favorite food?? Ahh, well fear not, I eventually perked back to my old self, a few days later, and we’ll be going back prior to our flight home, don’t you worry!

So we were located in room 213, with a king sized bed. Whoever says you’re too old to share a bed with your mom, has never slept in this size bed.

King Sized Bed (PC: NJES)
King Sized Bed (PC: NJES)

Of course, we had to treat ourselves to a massage, so we headed over to a little place called, Sabai-Dee for an hour long relaxation. Which if you’ve ever experienced a massage in Thailand, isn’t all that relaxing! Afterwards, we met up with my uncle, who’s lived in Thailand for the last 20+ years!

Me, Billy, and Mom (PC: NJES)
Me, Billy, and Mom (PC: NJES)

More to come tomorrow!


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