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Horse Trials!

Never did I ever think I would do a horse trial, it requires a stomach of steel and a sense of fearlessness, something I always thought I was severely lacking! But once I was encouraged to take my favorite dinosaur, I prepared myself for the most fun I’ve ever had in my life!

Tink and I (PC: NJES)
Tink and I prior to our Dressage Test (PC: NJES)

A horse trial is comprised of three events; the dressage test, cross country, and stadium jumping. Each rider is given a time slot for when they need to be ready for a certain part of the trial. For example, I have my dressage time at 10:45 am and my cross country at 1:15 pm. I had time to go back to the farm and change my clothes, grab my vest and change bits.

After the dressage test, I headed to the cross country course and waited for my start time in the box. We didn’t have any faults or time penalties, so we sat comfortably in 5th place. Onto the stadium jumping. While we schooled a bit sloppily, Tinker stepped up in the ring and we went clear!

Stadium Jumping (PC: NJES)
Stadium Jumping (PC: NJES)

We ended our first horse trial in 5th, a huge success in my book!


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