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Ocala, Florida….What a Change of Pace

I relocated for the winter of 2015 from Philadelphia, PA to Ocala, FL with work. While it was amazing to get to escape the cold and brutal winter that swept through the north, I missed home terribly. The hardest part of being away from actually being away from my boyfriend. We’d experienced monthly separations before, but this was definitely the hardest. It didn’t help that I also was transitioning to working full-time. After a 17 hour truck ride down, I made it there in one piece and set up the barn with Danielle. It was quite a task ahead of us, due to having to split our horses into three barns. This was a view of our little cottage that Kate and I shared together. A spacious two bedroom with a fireplace, kitchen and hybrid living/dining room

Cottage (PC: NJES)
Cottage (PC: NJES)

It was definitely not something I was prepared for changing from a big bustling city into a small podunk area that was acclaimed for being horse country. But our horses made up for it because they’re so easy and perfect.

Group Hack (PC: DC)
Group Hack (PC: DC)

We did a group hack once everyone had arrived safely and we were squad deep, as they say!

Next time I’ll talk about my awesome time taking Tinker through a horse trial!


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