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Celebrating the 4th in Ireland and in the US – What a difference a year makes

Last year, I celebrated the 4th of July in Dublin, IE with fellow students from Drexel who became family in our 10 weeks abroad.

We had a mini BBQ with these sketchy grills from the Euro store that weren’t very good at cooking food (aka the meat was still raw) but we had laughs, music, and lots of drinking. We found drinks that were the colors of America and Steph and I decided to pregame with pride.

Juli, me and Steph drinking like true Americans!

Me and Stephy!! ❤

Sean steppin’ up and being the man of our group cooking dinner for us all!!

Ironic, wearing the same shirt… NEVER, let this tradition continue!

After we finished eating and drinking, we all decided to take on the town, only to be disappointed that Irish people don’t celebrate the 4th of July….. that was our blonde moment of the day as we wondering why people didn’t seem to care (a-duh).

A year later, 2012, the 4th of July was celebrated back in the lovely US of A and in Philadelphia (my first one here). This year, I spent the 4th with sisters in Sigma, we spent the day laughing, making memories, drinking cold drinks and trying to not die in the heat (100+) before the evening fell.

Rachel and I goofed around on the steps of our apartment for a few hours while we were killin’ time and having fun. Thanks Drew for the pictures!

We headed to Drexel Park and spent time watching people and talking about life. Rach, Alexx and I took a few minutes to take some pictures. Here a some pictures of our day overall! Enjoy

Sigma Sigma Sigma’s we all found each other.

Fireworks from the Art Museum.

Oh the 4th, a day and an excuse to just go HAM and have a blast.




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