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US Army, USAF, USMC, US Navy… It doesn’t matter to me. Thank you

I’m an Army brat, an Air Force sister, a Marine’s girl and a Navy niece. I don’t care what branch you are and I don’t care what rank you are. You could be a PFC, Lieutenant Colonel, or the Command-in-Chief (okay maybe not the President) and I want to say thank you. You servicemen and women make me tear up when I see you come home. I smile when I see kids so excited to see their parents. I cry when you say goodbye. I lose it when I see the wood coffins coming off C-5s. I hold my hand over my heart when the national anthem plays. I feel my heart full with pride when I see you being thanked.


I don’t care if you’ve enlisted or if you’ve been a commissioned officer for 15+ years. I don’t care if you’re gay or straight. You willingly serve this country to protect the people of this nation. You risk your lives for us each day and I am proud to say that I love a man who’s served each branch.

Trace Adkins says it all:

“Semper Fi
Do or die
So gung-ho to go and pay the price
Here’s to Leathernecks
Devil Dogs and Jarheads
Parris Island in July
Semper Fi

I sleep in my bed instead of a fox hole
I’ve never heard my boss tell me to lock and load
Ain’t no bullet holes in the side of my SUV
‘Cause the kid next door just shipped out overseas”

The marines, first in and first to die. I have so much respect for my hero, my best friend, and my future husband (he just doesn’t know it yet!) and pride for what he’s doing.

I can’t wait til everyone is home and safe and until then I keep part with RED FRIDAY.  A weekly event where people wear red every Friday until everyone comes home. I don’t care how selfish I sound, but I don’t want my Marine to deploy, it worries me each and every day and I know that’s what he’s willing to do. He volunteered to join and I support him but it breaks my heart a little each day.

I am so proud of my Airman, he’s taken everything that’s come before him in stride and I love him so much for that. I’ll always be his little sister, but he’ll always be my hero.


My father, retired LTC, has made his own name and deserves all the credit that is due his way. He’s been an amazing person all my life and it just keeps getting better. I’ll always hold a man to the way my dad has spoiled me and if he ain’t good enough for my daddy’s approval, he ain’t good enough for me.


And last but definitely not least, that Marine. That silly Marine who joined the Marines because school wasn’t his thing but I think he’s finding his place now. I know it’s hard because it’s not what he imagined, I don’t think, but I am thankful for him every day.


It ain’t easy, but thank you to each and every servicemen and women who give so willingly and are willing to defend us. I know this is a super “AMERICA” post, but I’ve taken some time to think about the importance of thanking our heroes who don’t get due credit for what they do. There should really be less focus on the celebrities in the shallow, unimportant and more focus on those who are keeping us safe by being willing to give the ultimate sacrifice. THAT is what we should be in awe and applauding about, not who’s pregnant, getting married or just split up.

Just a little food for thought.




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There’s something about being a part of a sorority that gives you a sense of belonging and a place in this crazy world. We aren’t just friends who meet each other by chance, but women who have taken a sacred vow and become bounded to each other for life. We’ve promised that we won’t walk out on each other or betray each other, but are here as support and balance. I’ve gotta say, I’m lucky, I joined a sorority with women who have had my back for a while now and I do trust them. They’ve supported me when I’ve cried, when I’ve laughed, when I’ve been scared and a little confused, when I’ve wanted to throw in the towel and quit, but most of all they’ve been here through it all.

Family isn’t just for those who are related by blood, but those who we let in because they’ve proved themselves and don’t run at the first sign of trouble.

We have faced trials and tribulation on our own and yet we’ve always managed to make sure that we support our sisters when we can. Sisterhood isn’t just about going to things that are mandatory, or doing the least one can do, or being there only when it’s fun; it’s about reaching out to each other when we’ve had a bad day (sending Facebook and Twitter love), it’s about taking the time to get to know each one of the unique women in our chapter, it’s about having the deep meaningful relationships that are going to last a lifetime. We all chose Sigma Sigma Sigma for a reason, what our motivations were it doesn’t matter because we’ve all chosen to love our founders and our sisters.

I wanted to write this post to thank each and every sister and friend who’s had my back and given me their support and love over the last few days. It hasn’t been easy and each one of you who has heard me go on and on about this, I truly do thank you. I want each and every one of you to know that no matter what, time of day, place on the earth, or anything, I’m here. I am beginning to really see just how lucky I am to be in such a beautiful place with amazing company. I don’t know what I where I would be if I didn’t have y’all and I wouldn’t have ever known what I was missing. There are always a million reasons to say it’s not worth it or to quit, but having 90+ sisters helping you to pull through makes a world of difference. We all carry our own burdens and luggage, but within this sisterhood, I’ve found that we carry it all together with no complaints. We’ll cry again together, we’ll be laughing together, we’ll be saying goodbye at different times, but we’ll never leave each other. This is what sisterhood means to me. It was never about just being part of ANY sorority, I joined because I met some strong, independent, brave, beautiful, smart, empowered, amazing women and wanted to be a part of this legacy.

So Sigma ladies, SLAM. 

   “Faithful Unto Death.”



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Celebrating the 4th in Ireland and in the US – What a difference a year makes

Last year, I celebrated the 4th of July in Dublin, IE with fellow students from Drexel who became family in our 10 weeks abroad.

We had a mini BBQ with these sketchy grills from the Euro store that weren’t very good at cooking food (aka the meat was still raw) but we had laughs, music, and lots of drinking. We found drinks that were the colors of America and Steph and I decided to pregame with pride.

Juli, me and Steph drinking like true Americans!

Me and Stephy!! ❤

Sean steppin’ up and being the man of our group cooking dinner for us all!!

Ironic, wearing the same shirt… NEVER, let this tradition continue!

After we finished eating and drinking, we all decided to take on the town, only to be disappointed that Irish people don’t celebrate the 4th of July….. that was our blonde moment of the day as we wondering why people didn’t seem to care (a-duh).

A year later, 2012, the 4th of July was celebrated back in the lovely US of A and in Philadelphia (my first one here). This year, I spent the 4th with sisters in Sigma, we spent the day laughing, making memories, drinking cold drinks and trying to not die in the heat (100+) before the evening fell.

Rachel and I goofed around on the steps of our apartment for a few hours while we were killin’ time and having fun. Thanks Drew for the pictures!

We headed to Drexel Park and spent time watching people and talking about life. Rach, Alexx and I took a few minutes to take some pictures. Here a some pictures of our day overall! Enjoy

Sigma Sigma Sigma’s we all found each other.

Fireworks from the Art Museum.

Oh the 4th, a day and an excuse to just go HAM and have a blast.