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Good for the Soul, Good for the Body

There are a million and a half excuses for why you can’t, but what makes you try and want to because you CAN? Drive, passion, determination and will. I find it extremely important to talk about things that weigh heavy on one’s mind with the people closest to you, just as I feel it is extremely important and vital to living a clean life to exercise for one’s sanity, heart and to have an escape.

I need an escape and a vacation from here, I need to run away and forget everything I’ve said. I need to forget the heaviness of the conversation and how I feel a little disheartened. I feel a little more unsure about the future and I’m really starting to think about what I need to do for myself in the next 3, 5, and 10 years. What I’m expecting, wanting, thinking, and what I need to face as reality.

Time to grow up, no more hiding behind “I’m in college” as my excuse, graduation is 2 years away, and there’s a whole heck of a lot to figure out. It’s really time to start thinking about my future and stop dreaming about nonsense. It’s sad to shut that door on my childhood, dreams, aspirations and fantasies, but sometimes life is just as good as we dream it to be. Adulthood is calling, I’ll step up and learn to roll with the punches.




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