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Ireland – Part One

I went to Ireland for a summer abroad program and it was the BEST decision I’d ever made in my college career. It was a wonderful opportunity to study a totally different culture, become immersed with locals and learning the ways of a different city and country, learning from professors of a different background, and getting to see the world differently.

We lived in Dublin on the northern side of the river at Blackhall Place. It was a student apartment complex where students from all over the world lived around us (students from Drexel) studying at the Dublin Business School. We were off campus and we had about a 20 minute walk to campus every morning. We took two classes that were divided into three modules; the first set of classes were: Irish Literature, Society and Culture, and Irish History; the second set of classes were: Peace and Conflict studies, Irish Economy and Irish Politics. We met every day for about 5 hours a day and all 19 of us were in all classes together (so we got to know each other really well).

Looking back on this experience, I would say I learned a lot and then some.

  • I learned that there are some people you NEVER want to travel with because after a few days they’ll drive you up a wall.
  • I learned that it’s hard to travel with people who have never traveled before because they don’t know a lot about different cultures.
  • I learned that it’s really important to have your own space and time.
  • I learned that going to do things solo is often a really fun and unexpected adventure that you’ll never forget
  • I learned that friendships that start overseas are stronger than most because you start as strangers and build a friendship based on a pull for something familiar
  • I learned that people are going to do stupid things, but it’s not use trying to stop them, so let them.
  • I learned that traveling in a bus for a week SUCKS..
  • I learned that it rains way more than you would expect, but the sunny days make up for it every time.
  • I learned that being brave includes going somewhere when you’re warned not to because your drive to see Harry Potter is stronger than your fear.
  • I learned that dumb opportunities always come up, sometimes it’s okay to take them.
  • I learned that some people who don’t need to, will make you a priority and others who should make you a priority won’t care.

There’s more to come!




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