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So in the aftermath of my little impromptu adventure down to NC, I’ve been playing a whole heck of a lot of catch-up! I just faced the impossible of final projects and craziness to deal with, but I’ve survived and made it to finals week! Only one final before I am home free and can go on a mental vacation for a week and a half before coming back to Philly and starting summer classes.

On the up swing, the classes will be smaller and it’ll be nice to actually get to know fellow students instead of just coming and going to class and getting the hell outta there as soon as class is let out. I plan on making it big this summer and also I’ve got this lovely internship about researching Charles Dickens and his influence on Victorian Philadelphia, so I’m excited to get a jump on this! I also think I’ve found an interest in social media and marketing. (who would’ve guessed)?

On the down swing, I’ve been a social hermit, hiding from people and being the most antisocial person I think in the history of my world… it’s getting bad, but I just want Ian to be here again and to forget the rest of this silliness and just have him for a week instead of just being with him for 3 days. It’s silly actually how I’ve planned out our future with no idea of what we’re really going to do, but I’m stepping up and starting to face adulthood square on.

It’s a challenge learning how to cope, adapt, grow, change, and still accept yourself, but if I can do it (all you readers can too- no matter what you’re facing). I just finished watching Greek and it’s a good show for us college students to see (albeit too happy and sappy) how growing up is part of life and at some point in time we have to take a stand on what we believe and value.

Anyway, that’s my little thought for the day.





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