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Ireland – Part Two

So to pick up where I left off. Ireland, what an experience. I can’t believe that a year ago (in 4 days) I was leaving the states and heading to Europe. A lot has changed since then, but that’s for a different blog post.


While we were in Ireland we had two trips planned as per tuition costs, which was fabulous because we didn’t have to worry about anything except for food. Our first trip was around the Southwest of Ireland and we went to:

  • Cork
  • Cliffs of Moher
  • Galway
  • Kinsale
  • Killarney
  • Bantry

We also rode through the ring of Kerry among other little stops we made throughout our week long trip. We went to a sheep farm and saw how the dogs do their jobs- it was amazing. Here’s a puppy who would one day grow up to be a herding dog. They were literally the sweetest puppies ever, such great dispositions.¬†

We also ventured to the Cliffs of Moher where Harry Potter was filmed, on their search for the 6th Horcrux. (Ahhh this makes me miss Harry Potter and Ireland to go down memory lane like this). It was a beautiful day as you can tell, so to imagine this place wet and rainy was impossible.

We were incredibly lucky that a lot of our days were sunny, although it did rain a lot while we were travelling on the bus.


Part Three to Come Soon.




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“Here’s to you long-shots, you dark horse runners
Hair brush singers, dash-board drummers
Here’s to you wild magnolias, just waiting to bloom.
There’s a little bit of all that inside of me and you.”

“Go ahead and hate the world girl you earned the right now
But she still dreams after she woke tight hold on that hope
Sometimes it can seem so cold do what you gotta do to cope”

“You may say I’m a dreamer
But I’m not the only one
I hope someday you’ll join us
And the world will live as one”

We all know the lyrics of songs that feed into our hopes and dreams, they let us hope for a better tomorrow, a lover who wants us flawed and all, and ¬†a home that’s a place of refuge and also of love.

I’ve learned in the last 24 hours that dreams are just that, a dream. We make in our heads a perfect scene, perfect dialogue because that’s what we want to hear only to find out that it’s not real it’s just what we hope to hear and those words of reality hurt, sting, burn and scar. I think it’s so important to have dreams, and hopes, and wishes, and goals, but I also find that talking about your dreams and another’s dreams is especially vital to a relationship because it’s good to know where both people stand.

Here’s my speech on a soapbox now:

Live your life as you want, talk about the things you want to, and don’t be afraid to say them aloud to your partner. It sucks when you think about a possible ending, but don’t jump the gun, don’t assume because it’s how you see things now it’s always going to be like this. Have faith that things can change, people can change (if it’s by their choice), and situations and circumstances change. I feel that talking about these things and knowing where each person stands in vital, and know that you can’t change a person’s mind, they’ve already decided what they think, so be kind and don’t push them or try to convince them- let it be. I’ve learned that the only way someone can come around to seeing things the way you see them is if you are respectful and let them process and think on their own terms. I believe in being the right person in a relationship (not the RIGHT person) but being there for support and understanding, kindness and love, and also letting them know that you’re not going to just leave at the first sign of trouble. I also think that sometimes after these heavy conversations people need space to think and wonder on their own instead of trying to hound them more and more because that just wears everyone down. For me personally, after last night’s conversation, I sent an apology text for overstepping (in my opinion) and letting him know that if he wants space he’s welcome to take it because I was a little bit of a nut last night. I think that it’s my job to respect him. Dreams change, people change, life changes (every moment that we have is different from the last) so I feel that holding on to something for a future that might not happen the way you plan is kinda crazy, but I think that understanding things will always change and never be constant is vital to seeing eye to eye. I think that there are so many people out in the world waiting to meet you that if this dream isn’t what you’ve always imagined it’s okay to find a new path and make it on your own.

Okay! That’s enough preaching for the day, but live your life how you want. People who are worth it, will understand. But don’t burn your bridges, don’t turn your back, and don’t forget to be the best you can be.

Also write letters to yourself about how you’ve grown and changed and how your life is shaping up. It’s a great reflection tool and it helps to get all emotions out, it helps to make you feel better and it also really just lets you see how much you’ve grown up and changed each time you re-read your letters.



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Good for the Soul, Good for the Body

There are a million and a half excuses for why you can’t, but what makes you try and want to because you CAN? Drive, passion, determination and will. I find it extremely important to talk about things that weigh heavy on one’s mind with the people closest to you, just as I feel it is extremely important and vital to living a clean life to exercise for one’s sanity, heart and to have an escape.

I need an escape and a vacation from here, I need to run away and forget everything I’ve said. I need to forget the heaviness of the conversation and how I feel a little disheartened. I feel a little more unsure about the future and I’m really starting to think about what I need to do for myself in the next 3, 5, and 10 years. What I’m expecting, wanting, thinking, and what I need to face as reality.

Time to grow up, no more hiding behind “I’m in college” as my excuse, graduation is 2 years away, and there’s a whole heck of a lot to figure out. It’s really time to start thinking about my future and stop dreaming about nonsense. It’s sad to shut that door on my childhood, dreams, aspirations and fantasies, but sometimes life is just as good as we dream it to be. Adulthood is calling, I’ll step up and learn to roll with the punches.



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College Woman

So I’m in my third year of school (most students would be going onto their senior year, but thank God I have 2 years left) and what do I have to show so far?

I’m a Tri Sigma, a member of the Honor Council – where leadership is crucial, a member of the Drexel University Equestrian Team (DUET), a summer intern for research on Charles Dickens, and looking for my last full-time co-op.

I went out with two friends the other night and we got to talking about how we’ve changed or how we think we’ve changed. I said I’m still the same I was from freshman year of college and freshman year of high school and I meant it, the core of who I am is still the same. BUT I’ve grown up a lot, gotten more mature and sure of myself (in a non-cocky way), figured out a little bit of what interests me, what drives me, and what I don’t like. I’ve also learned to listen to my gut a little more and I’ve learned to be more of a team player. I’m definitely not the same girl who came here three years ago.

I also am looking a little more closely at the changes to come because two of my roommates are seniors so I’m beginning to see what adulthood entails and what responsibilities I’m going to have to look at. I’m beginning to see college as that final step to being a self-reliant adult. I’d like to think I am an independent woman but I know that I still fall to my parents to help bail me out at times and help me when I get stuck. I know that I’m still reliant on them even though I like to think I’m independent and sassy (I got the sass down though).

I’m realising that it’s not a game anymore, it’s time to really start thinking about my future and what I want to do, what makes me happy, what I need to do (because responsibilities contrary to what I like to think, carry a lot of weight), and if realistically having a partner (Ian) is realistic, if our goals, dreams, aspirations, priorities, and maturity are all in sync. I hate that I’ve already started thinking about a potential end. But it’s time to be realistic, I love to think about the fairytale love and the happily ever after but I know that adulthood calls and I have to think about the future and if we’d be truly happy together. (personal interjection, I think yes, I think we’d be a great couple, and we’d have a lot in common, but I’m not sure if his mind is even remotely close to where mine is).

Anyway that took a depressing twist at the end, so I’m gonna sign off.



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Ireland – Part One

I went to Ireland for a summer abroad program and it was the BEST decision I’d ever made in my college career. It was a wonderful opportunity to study a totally different culture, become¬†immersed¬†with locals and learning the ways of a different city and country, learning from professors of a different background, and getting to see the world differently.

We lived in Dublin on the northern side of the river at Blackhall Place. It was a student apartment complex where students from all over the world lived around us (students from Drexel) studying at the Dublin Business School. We were off campus and we had about a 20 minute walk to campus every morning. We took two classes that were divided into three modules; the first set of classes were: Irish Literature, Society and Culture, and Irish History; the second set of classes were: Peace and Conflict studies, Irish Economy and Irish Politics. We met every day for about 5 hours a day and all 19 of us were in all classes together (so we got to know each other really well).

Looking back on this experience, I would say I learned a lot and then some.

  • I learned that there are some people you NEVER want to travel with because after a few days they’ll drive you up a wall.
  • I learned that it’s hard to travel with people who have never traveled before because they don’t know a lot about different cultures.
  • I learned that it’s really important to have your own space and time.
  • I learned that going to do things solo is often a really fun and unexpected adventure that you’ll never forget
  • I learned that friendships that start overseas are stronger than most because you start as strangers and build a friendship based on a pull for something familiar
  • I learned that people are going to do stupid things, but it’s not use trying to stop them, so let them.
  • I learned that traveling in a bus for a week SUCKS..
  • I learned that it rains way more than you would expect, but the sunny days make up for it every time.
  • I learned that being brave includes going somewhere when you’re warned not to because your drive to see Harry Potter is stronger than your fear.
  • I learned that dumb opportunities always come up, sometimes it’s okay to take them.
  • I learned that some people who don’t need to, will make you a priority and others who should make you a priority won’t care.

There’s more to come!



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So in the aftermath of my little impromptu adventure down to NC, I’ve been playing a whole heck of a lot of catch-up! I just faced the impossible of final projects and craziness to deal with, but I’ve survived and made it to finals week! Only one final before I am home free and can go on a mental vacation for a week and a half before coming back to Philly and starting summer classes.

On the up swing, the classes will be smaller and it’ll be nice to actually get to know fellow students instead of just coming and going to class and getting the hell outta there as soon as class is let out. I plan on making it big this summer and also I’ve got this lovely internship about researching Charles Dickens and his influence on Victorian Philadelphia, so I’m excited to get a jump on this! I also think I’ve found an interest in social media and marketing. (who would’ve guessed)?

On the down swing, I’ve been a social hermit, hiding from people and being the most antisocial person I think in the history of my world… it’s getting bad, but I just want Ian to be here again and to forget the rest of this silliness and just have him for a week instead of just being with him for 3 days. It’s silly actually how I’ve planned out our future with no idea of what we’re really going to do, but I’m stepping up and starting to face adulthood square on.

It’s a challenge learning how to cope, adapt, grow, change, and still accept yourself, but if I can do it (all you readers can too- no matter what you’re facing). I just finished watching Greek and it’s a good show for us college students to see (albeit too happy and sappy) how growing up is part of life and at some point in time we have to take a stand on what we believe and value.

Anyway, that’s my little thought for the day.