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Back; Guns Blazing!

Sorry for the extended absence once again.

Life got the best of me and became quite hectic. Now that our chapter, Alpha Delta of Sigma Sigma Sigma is installed, life has gotten a little quieter, and then Greek Week was upon us like a raging bull.

As of now, the Tri Sigma powderpuff team has beated Delta Zeta Monday and we’re taking on Phi Mu tonight! Let’s go Sigma!

Being a part of the sorority has been the greatest decision I’ve ever made and it’s been a blessing for me in so many ways. It sounds SOOOO cheesy, but I’ve made bonds with these girls in such a short amount of time, and we’ve pulled together in so many ways we’re really a bonded group even if we are 100+. It’s hard to know everyone but everyone has always been so friendly and welcoming.

Sigma is a national sorority, but it’s not international (I don’t think any are) but there are tons of reasons now for me to hop on a bus and go wherever my sorority sisters reside. I am now going to be here as often as I can, hopefully once a week (at a minimum) to keep my life in check!




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