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Sequoia National Park

On the same trip to California, we went to Sequoia National Park for a few days to see some of the most amazing and magnificent trees on the North American continent. It was breath-taking to drive up to the trees and even drive through the biggest tree in the world. Pretty spectacular!!

We walked around the park for a good while, looking for the various trees that were recommended  by the park maps and spotted them all, including the Lovers, General Sherman, Franklin, Adam, and more. It was just astounding to think about how long these trees have existed and how long they will hopefully continue to thrive. I thought about how many people had probably walked through these woods as I had done myself, I thought about the peace and quiet that one felt as they wandered through the woods. I felt like I’d stepped into a fairytale and was looking for that enchanted garden, or waiting to stumble upon a stream with wildlife ready to sing and dance along side me, or waiting for my prince charming to come galloping out of the woods.

I’d love to go back again, and that’s just another place on my bucket list because it really is truly a magical place on this earth.




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