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I Wish Someone Told Me….

We all have those regrets as a child, teenager, young adult and finally all throughout our lives. I came across a writing prompt a few years ago and wrote about things I wish someone had told me.  I thought I’d share because it’s a part of the journey we all partake in called life.


I wish someone told me that I was going to mess up. I was going to make the stupidest decisions in the heat of a moment and regret them a heartbeat later. There are so many little things that we do, each choice shapes us (yea, it’s a big freaking cliché, but it’s really got truth) and each decisions takes us one step closer to being who we’re either fated to be (or if you don’t believe in fate, who we’re choosing to be).

I wish someone told me that there are people in your life who are going to let you down, hurt you, make you cry, and leave you. It’s happened to us all, whether or not we want to admit it- is a different story. I can say from personal experience that it’s hard to accept and even harder to move past, but it makes you stronger. I learned that I couldn’t really trust people to not take me down and humiliate me, but I learned with the support of my two best friends that I could heal and become a person I would be proud to have as a friend. Anyone can leave you, nothing is certain in life, not even parents. Some can be taken by fate, some because they are learning how to protect themselves as they should have, some were never really yours. There’s that damnable expression about how family is forever, but that’s a load of crap. There is so much history that tells us otherwise it’s not even really arguable that family is there for you. Family is more likely to stab you in the back with no hesitation. How’s that for morbid but true?

I wish someone told me that there is more to life than that first rush of desire. I wish that someone told me that a first kiss is just that, a first kiss. Where you’re going to feel shy, embarrassed, and awkward, but no one ever talks about that. It’s so hyped up by others (usually peers and friends) that it’s so great, everyone wants to do it too, except it’s only great when it’s with someone you can’t stop thinking about. It’s only great with someone you care about. It’s the moment your lips touch, it’s the moment you feel the electricity and the moment you realise it’s exactly how it should be. Kissing just anybody is like kissing a rock.. Why would you do that? EXACTLY! It’s weird to think about, but it’s true.

I wish someone told me that there is more to the world than what I know. I mean I’ve been travelling a lot since I was young, but that doesn’t mean I know everything. It means that I’ve been places around the world. I wish someone could have sat me down and told me that these years of college are the most amazing and free and independent years of your life. I wish for my children that I remember this and let them know that if they have a desire to go around the world, to do it. If they want to learn something new, learn it. If they want to just work, work. Because at the end of the day, it’s what makes you happy that will make your life.

I wish someone told me that it’s possible to love more than one, each in their own way. People feel that there is some law that we can only love one (and while that is true by law) our hearts operate under different laws, the laws of love and human nature. I’ve learned that you can love many people and always care about each of them as they are. We get in our minds that only one person is our Prince Charming or our Fairytale Princess, but it’s simply not true. I wish I learned that life is alike love, very very unpredictable and amazing.

I wish someone told me a lot of the things I know now, but then I think about it and realise that I’m glad I learned them myself because I understand the lessons a little better and in the end that’s really what this is all about. We pass on what we learn in hopes that someone won’t feel the pain we felt, or experience the love we shared, but really at the end of the day – our life is ours to do with.




One thought on “I Wish Someone Told Me….

  1. What a great post. Many times I too wish someone had told me certain things, but if they had, would things still work out the way they have….would I know the same people? Would I be right where I am today? Probably not. We face it all for a reason, even if it hurts like hell. Maybe it’s to show us how we have the strength to overcome all kinds of crap.


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