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Always Room to Change

I’ve learned the different life lessons people push onto you from their own experiences, but the best way we learn is by making our own mistakes, failing, getting back up and also finding ourselves in our own journey.

We’re not the person we were yesterday, and we’re not yet the person we are to become tomorrow. We have to make that decision to live larger, love bigger, and be better everyday while we can make what we want from our lives.

I’m the biggest believer that a person can change only because it’s in their heart to do so, because they’re willing to go as far as possible, push past their known limits into something completely different, make themselves into someone; because when we’re willing to push that much harder, we’re going to make it. I think that from personal experience, the more we want something, the more we’re willing to fight for it; but also we’re also careful to make the right choice at the right time.

Change is scary, changing yourself is even scarier, but it’s one thing about life that will never change; change is our constant and even with our best intentions- change is inevitable.

That’s all I have for daily advice, while trying to take it myself.




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