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Five years old, and I had been to one of the furthest states in the USA, Hawai’i.

What a beautiful state, the white sand beaches (only downside was the thorns in the sand), the volcanoes, the crystal clear blue water, the warm sun hitting your back, the quaint little palm-tree huts spread out along the beach, coconuts fresh from trees.

I remember my mom telling me the story of why thorns were in the sand.

It was because the religious men of America wanted to teach the native to wear shoes, so the thorns would stick into their feet when barefoot. Unfortunately they were still around and we had to wear shoes along the beach, quite silly if you ask me.

We climbed up Haleakala, an inactive volcano and there is a myth behind taking volcano rock, that bad luck will come to the person who takes the rock.

We hiked down into some old historical volcano and camped in the valley. We travelled by bus and van. We met quite a variety of people. We stayed at a luxury hotel at the end of our stay and in the gardens there were white oleanders, which smelled like heaven as I imagine it. I used to put them in my hair and prance around the hotel with them claiming to be a princess!

A lot of Hawai’i seems to escape my memory, but I know I was really tan, we camped a lot, we hiked a lot, we explored and we had a ball.





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