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What I’ve Learned From Others

There’s a lot that people seem to overlook when they travel somewhere new. People don’t seem to realise that they are in another country, where culture, food, people, ideas of fun and recreation are different than what we are familiar to. I was lucky as a child to experience a lot of different cultures from a young age and have respect and a curiosity for that which is just out of my comfort zone.

I’ve learned a lot from others, both from my travels and from when I return.  I’ve learned patience. I’ve learned that more often than not talking about your travels sounds like bragging. I’ve learned that many people don’t have any interest in your stories, but people will try to fake it. I’ve learned that you learn so much more than you could ever imagine when you’re out of your element. I’ve learned you meet people in the most uncanny circumstances and make friends for life. I’ve learned that even when you meet someone just once when travelling, you don’t forget them because they are embedded in your memories.

I think the best lesson I’ve learned from others is this: Life is always going to go on, so just grab a hat and enjoy the ride. Make a splash, do stupid things, make friends, don’t be afraid to live life because those memories are something to cherish forever. Be crazy. Be young. Learn. Listen. Speak. Life has a ton to offer each and every one of us, we should remember that.





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