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Bucket Lists

Why are bucket lists so important to the human mind? What does it mean to us? Each person has a list, be it written or in our heads, of what we want to accomplish or see or do or experience before we do.

Recently the film staring Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman, The Bucket List, came out in 2007 and it made me think twice about my life. Granted I don’t have cancer or any terminal illness, but I still thought about the different aspects of my life I want to accomplish before I lay on my bed, breathing my last breaths.

I’ve got to say this, as a 20-year old college student, I’ve crossed a lot of my list that many haven’t even dreamt of yet. But here’s a list of ten:

  1. Get Married in the Fall
  2. Save at least 15 OTTBs from slaughter
  3. Get published (A big publishing- not a magazine or something. Get a book published)
  4. Fly an airplane solo
  5. Do a cattle drive (out west or in Australia)
  6. Go to Australia
  7. Go across the country solo
  8. Learn to pole dance
  9. Climb in Thailand over the water (Krabbi Beach)
  10. Go sky diving
Even if you’re not a traveller, writer, explorer, or dreamer, know that there’s a world outside of your door and it’s just waiting to be explored. If you say you can’t afford it, that’s not true. There are social pages like: and which offer discounted short trips, where you only have to get there, which is reasonably priced.
As always, to the adventurer in you,
h&k, travel stories happen when you’re least expecting them!